Electronic Wart Removal

The device passes a low energy, high frequency electrical signal through the wart which disrupts the cell structure of the wart, rendering it no longer viable.
It takes only the one treatment to kill the wart.

The wart will be a little tender the day after treatment. On the next day it will look and feel exactly like it did before the treatment, but it will no longer be active.
It will then get steadily smaller and smaller as the body replaces the dead wart tissue with new skin growth over the next couple of weeks until it is completely gone.
The wart will not return and will not leave a scar.
The results are always successful.

It has the distinct advantage of not looking unsightly after treatment.

This is an entirely different approach to skin tag and wart removal that will undoubtedly become the norm in the future. It is so completely successful and non invasive a procedure, as to make any other technique obsolete.

The Wartabater works on all types of warts, incuding common warts, Plantar warts, HPV and genital warts. It also removes skin tags.


Treating a wart
Wart removal

1: Moisten the wart slightly. Do not moisten the surrounding skin. A cotton ear bud (Q-Tip) is useful to achieve this.

2: Switch on the unit. Hold the probe firmly in your hand and apply the tip to the center of the wart. Hold this in place continuously for 3 to 5 minutes. A tingling sensation might be felt after about a minute. Not everyone feels this. The sensation, if it occurs, will usually abate near the end of the second minute. Be sure to continue for at least a full 3 minutes. It will do no harm to hold it on for up to 5 minutes.

The wart will not look much different directly after treatment. It will take a couple of weeks for the body to grow new skin into the wart site. Even the most stubborn wart will be completely removed. On a wart larger than 1/4 inch (6mm) diameter, it will be necessary to treat it in 2 halves.

Skin tag treatment

Place the probe tip at the base of the tag where it joins the body.
A single 3 minute treatment is all that will be needed.
The tag will dry up and come off in 10 days to 2 weeks.


The unit is supplied complete with battery, which will last for about 50 treatments, and is easily replaced.
The battery is an A23 12v battery, normally used in garage door remotes.
It is available at most supermarkets or drug stores.


Do not use if you are wearing a Pacemaker.
Not to be used around the eyes or on the eyelids.